• Our founder; Late B.M. Hasan Hajee, was a Trustee of ‘Old Mangalore Port Trust’ for a number of years till the port was taken over under ‘State Ports Department’. Later on, he was appointed as one of the trustees of ‘New Mangalore Port’, and he served his duties with utmost sincerity, dedication and loyalty for several years.
    His commitment and passion towards his duties also gained him the membership of the ‘State Ports Advisory Committee’. During his tenure as a trustee, Mangalore ports witnessed a golden period and got recognised as an important trade and commerce point among the prominent exporters and importers.
    Alongside all the achievements and accomplishments, Late B.M Hasan Hajee also bestowed his leadership and visionary as a sitting member of the ‘High Level Advisory Committee’ for the Hinterland Development of New Mangalore Port formed under the Chairmanship of Chief Secretary of Government of Karnataka.

  • Mohammed Ameen; partner at Hasan Hajee & Co., is one of the former Presidents of ‘Kanara Chamber of Commerce & Industries’ (Apex Industry & Commerce body in the region). Following the footsteps of Late B.M Hasan Hajee, Mohammed Ameen led 2 terms as a President and heightened the ethics and commitment of business in all possible aspects. He also acted as the trustee of NMPT during the period of April 2013 – March 2015.


  • Established in 1940 as ‘Mohiudeen Hajee & Sons’, we are the pioneer in handling bulk shipments of iron ore at India’s Old Mangalore Port, 1957, by S.S MARSHAL GOWROW at open roadstead for M/S Deepchand Kishanlall, Bangalore.
  • Till the 50s and 60s, we were the only firm to handle bulk oil shipments from Old Mangalore Port at open roadstead in loose form by pumping cashew shell oil in APL ships for M/S United Shipping Co., Mangalore, India.
  • Even when it comes to handling container vessels at the New Mangalore ports, our brainchild ‘Mohiudeen Hajee & Sons’ stood gloriously as the first and prominent establishment. Following this, we also became the first organisation to handle wind mill blades for Suzlon Group at New Mangalore. Carving a tradition in fulfilling all shipping needs and requirements, we got rechristened as ‘Hasan Hajee & Co’ in 1983.
  • With over 75 years of history, today we are among the most renowned names in Mangalore Shipping Industry. With our integrity and performance par excellence, we dream of setting the sails in all possible directions and reshape the shipping industry across Mangalore and several other destinations.


  • Clearing & Forwarding
  • Custom House
  • Agents Transport
  • Vessel Agency
  • Supply Chain
  • Project/ODC
  • Warehousing
  • Ship Broking
  • Freight
  • Stevedoring


  • Winner of Rajiv Gandhi Memorial Shipping Performance Award in 1998.
  • Awarded for handling highest quantity of Pig iron in a single day.
  • Awarded for handling highest quantity of iron ore in a single day.
  • SESAGOA certified staff for efficient service and excess cargo delivery.
  • Highest quantity of wheat loaded in a single day.
  • Highest quantity of maize loaded in a single day.
  • Highest quantity of wheat discharged in a single day.


We are the most preferred and committed agents for chartered/owned vessels at Mangalore and Karwar ports. With our efficient and promising shipping services, we have served clients from across the globe.

  • M/S Emirates Trading Agency, Dubai.
  • M/S Cargill International SA, Geneva.
  • M/S West Asia Maritime.
  • M/S Hebei Ocean Shipping Co. Ltd., China.
  • M/S GFE Giesserie, Germany.
  • M/S E.A.ST. International., United Kingdom
  • M/S IMC Maritime, USA.
  • M/S Sudamin Metal Commodities Ltd, USA.
  • M/S Sino East Shipping Ltd., China.
  • M/S Bulk Marine Ltd., Hong Kong.
  • M/S Indian Sugar Exim Corporation Ltd. (ISIEC), New Delhi.
  • M/S National Institute of Ocean Technology.
  • M/S Sea Port Logistics, Chennai.
  • M/S Inter Ocean Shipping Agency, Chennai.
  • M/S Parisons Roller Flour Mills, Calicut.
  • M/S Peekay Roller Flour Mills, Calicut.
  • M/S Kasargod Power Corporation Pvt. Ltd.
  • M/S Sai Shipping Co., Mumbai.


  • We have our partners and associates in Europe, USA, Gulf, Far East and African Countries.